What makes you sick

There are only 4 root causes for most diseases in this world.

1. Chronic viral and/or bacterial infections

How do we get these infections?

  • from our mothers when we are in the womb
  • through food and water
  • through physical contact with people who have them
  • or simply through the environment. For example, one can get a pathogenic infection by using a public toilet or by eating in a restaurant where the chef is suffering from some kind of infection himself/herself.
  • Also mutation, we humans have always carried dormant viruses in our bodies, which is not a problem until they start troubling us when they mutate into active pathogenic versions. 

How do viruses mutate?

Over the last 150 years especially viruses have mutated rapidly because of increasing toxicity in the environment

  • like the use of pesticides
  • more radiation
  • more heavy metals in the air due to pollution
  • and also due to our lifestyle that has moved away from healthy diets towards processed foods.

When do viruses multiply and how do they spread?

The viruses can incubate inside your body for years waiting for you to become vulnerable due to stressful situations in life like looking for a new job, a divorce, pregnancy, loss of a loved one, menopause, prolonged illness, road accident, and other stressful periods. During these periods they start to multiply rapidly by feeding on your stress hormones, on heavy metals that get into your body from environment, on other environmental toxins and on some unhealthy foods that have become a common part of our lives.

After they start multiplying they spread in your vital organs like the pancreas, liver, thyroid, kidneys, lungs, heart, reproductive organs and central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Same is the case with other pathogens like bacteria and fungi which at times work in symbiosis with viruses to wreak havoc on your health.

How chronic infections damage your health?

The byproducts produced by the viruses after they feed themselves and the dead virus casings together form neurotoxins that inflame your nerves and organs. When your immune system starts attacking these viruses, which make a home in our organ tissues by now, it appears as if the immune system is attacking your own body, this is what is known as autoimmunity. Viral infections is one of the major causes of chronic illnesses of today, for example thyroid problems, reproductive health issues in men and women, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

What is the solution?

It is completely in your hands to make viruses mutate back into their harmless state or to kill bacteria and fungi with a healthy diet, a stress free way of living and minimizing the exposure to toxins. Minimizing the viral load in your body can take anywhere between 3 months to 18 months depending on the severity of your condition.

2. Stress or Hypothalamic dysfunction

When is stress a problem?

The stress response is a necessary response when you are in a fight or flight situation to get through challenges in life such as a physical attack, road accidents, floods, droughts, an athletic competition, etc.

It becomes a problem when you end up being stressed most times of the day which happens due to 2 reasons, one is the deficiency of brain glucose second is the unconscious stress response your mind develops after going through physical and emotional trauma over a long period of time.

A constant stress response happens when your body keeps producing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline is very acidic in nature.

How stress damages your health?

One of the immediate effect it has on your body is that it corrodes the pancreas, since your pancreas produces insulin and many digestive enzymes, the stress starts affecting your blood sugar and digestion resulting in digestive issues and erratic sugars which can easily lead to diabetes. Similarly, cortisol is a hormone that weakens the immune system, therefore, stress lowers your immunity to fight against infections.

What is the solution?

The solution has 2 parts. The primary part is to make sure that the brain is supplied with good amounts of glucose needed for it’s healthy functioning. Second part is to change your unconscious response to stress triggers in all situations in life so that you remain calm, relaxed and full of clarity while making life decisions. This takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

3. Heavy Metals

What are the sources of heavy metals?

The major sources of heavy metals like lead, aluminium, mercury, etc., are 

  • environmental pollution
  • processed foods
  • pesticides and herbicides
  • some prescription drugs like antacids which have aluminium
  • and water sources

How do heavy metals affect your health?

Heavy metals being heavier than blood and other fluids in the body, settle down in your organs like intestine and liver. Our modern diets have made the internal environment of our bodies acidic, this, when coupled with high amounts of unhealthy fats in the diet oxidizes these heavy metals and causes unhealthy changes in the structure of cells around them.

For example, when they are in your brain they interfere with neurotransmitter signals leading to brain fog, concentration difficulties, memory problems and in severe cases to Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.

When they are in your intestine, they oxidize and produce toxic gas which inflames the nerves in your gut causing digestive health problems like IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, etc.,  Heavy metals also make the internal body environment favorable for virus and bacteria which is also why you need to minimize their load in the body.

What is the solution?

You can reduce the heavy metal load in your body with the help of certain herbs and vegetables in your kitchen. In some severe cases this might require help of a herb like Spirulina too to flush out the heavy metals. It takes anywhere between 3 months to 9 months to bring down the heavy metal load.

4. Environmental Toxins

What are environmental toxins?

Environmental toxins include some obvious sources like air pollutants, pesticides and herbicides as well as some unexpected sources like your day-to-day personal care products and home cleaning products.

How do they affect your health badly?

While polluted air is responsible to cause respiratory issues, headaches and vision related problems, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, on the other hand, feed pathogens in your body and cause them to mutate to become more harmful. Between your makeup, toiletries and personal care products both men and women are exposing themselves to around 150 synthetic chemicals everyday which are known carcinogens (cancer causing elements), neurotoxins and reproductive toxins that cause infertility.

What is the solution?

Though it is not completely in your hands to do something immediately about air pollutants, pesticides and herbicides, you can definitely switch to better ways of washing fruits and vegetables and adopt health-friendly and eco-friendly ways to clean your body and home. A diet full of much needed vitamins and minerals helps to flush out these toxins. This makes sure that the toxic load in your body is minimized and is not making your health worse. This detox takes anywhere between 3 months to 6 months.

Following are the common misdiagnoses which you might have received already that are NEVER the causes of your illness.

“Your disease is psychosomatic which means you are ill because of stress and nothing else.”

Truth: The stress itself is because of brain glucose deficiency and an unconscious way of responding to stressful situations. Till you don’t address these two issues stress is not going to get reduced by itself.

“You are sick because your immune system is attacking your own body.”

Truth: Your body or your immune system never attacks itself. Your body is a very intelligent creation of nature. What your immune system actually goes after are the viruses and bacteria which have infected the tissues of your organs.

“You have hormonal imbalances.”

Truth: Hormonal imbalances don’t happen on their own. The reasons for hormonal imbalances are one or any combination of the 4 root causes we explained above.

“Since your blood tests are normal there is nothing wrong with you.”

Truth: The normal lab ranges for blood tests are fixed by taking an average of the population that come to hospitals for treatment. So its an average of sick people not healthy people!

If you fall on the corners of these normal ranges you are already sick, and if you fall out of these normal ranges, you’re very sick.

The blood test ranges  we use are those which indicate ‘health’. These are much narrower and help diagnose the disease in its primary stage itself so that appropriate treatment can be given which causes less pain, less waste of time, money and energy for the patient too. Be aware, normal lab test ranges cannot determine your health.

Now you know why you are sick!

What is the next step for you?

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