Nutrition for Migraine cure

Migraine is one of the most debilitating diseases in the world and a leading cause for depression.

“In recent times, children as old as 8 years old are getting a diagnosis of migraine.”

For children it results in feeling alienated as just playing outdoors can bring a migraine trigger. For teenagers a combination of the pain of migraine and hormonal changes during puberty causes an inability to focus on their studies and a whole lot of other activities which can push them towards addictions to relieve pain and feel a sense of security. If you are a busy working woman or man the only option that is doable seems to be popping painkillers and to get on with life with willpower, but, over the years the pain starts to get exhausting. If you have experienced the debilitating pain of migraine you know that, over the years, it deeply starts affecting your productivity, creativity, relationships and emotional well-being.

How Prana can help you recover..

This program is for you if you have already taken help from a conventional medicine practitioner and have found out that there are no injuries to your brain and cervical area, that all your scans are normal. Because, in that case the cause for your migraine can be one or a combination of the following 6 factors,

  1. Viral infection: Viruses and the toxins they release can inflame the vagus nerve (which connects your gut to your brain) or the trigeminal nerve (responsible for movement of facial muscles) or the phrenic nerves (connecting your neck and lungs) which can trigger migraine attacks.
  2. Sinus-related bacterial infection: Bacteria can sit inside the lining of the sinus and keep inflaming it.
  3. Gut health related triggers: A bad digestion creates gases that travel through intestinal tract and deprive the oxygen supply to the vagus and the phrenic nerves thus causing them to inflame. This results in a migraine trigger.
  4. Chronic dehydration: Chronic dehydration causes deficiency of electrolytes in the body. The electrolytes are needed to carry nerve impulses throughout the body, to and from the brain and through the brain too. Electrolyte deficiency puts stress on the central nervous system triggering migraine.
  5. Stress: Stress floods the body with adrenaline which is an erosive hormone. Adrenaline erodes brain tissues which triggers migraine.
  6. Heavy metals and environmental toxins: Heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead can settle in brain tissues and disrupt the flow of electrical impulses in the brain triggering a migraine response. Similarly, environmental toxins that we inhale or absorb through our skin can get deposited in the brain tissue inflaming the nerves to trigger migraine.

If you want to know which of the above triggers are responsible for your migraine attacks and need a plan to fix them then do book a consultation call with us for just 99 rupees by clicking on the button below.