Nutrition for Joyful Weight Loss

On this page, you will find the 4 common mistakes  you need to avoid to enjoy your weight loss journey to make it a success, and, the 3 true root causes behind weight gain.

If you want to lose weight successfully and sustainably you need to first understand why you put on weight in the first place. Until you have a clear understanding about this you will fail to lose weight or you will keep gaining it back over a period of time.

The reason behind the success of our weight loss programs is our own journey towards weight loss. Both the founders of Prana personally went through the obstacles and number of failures in losing weight themselves. Therefore, through our study and learning, we have been able to help hundreds of our clients to lose weight sustainably and successfully. The pics below tell you about our journey.

Ashwin Mohan: Co-founder, Prana Nutrition Cures

4 common mistakes to avoid to enjoy your weight loss journey and make it a success:

  • Following a ‘No Carb’ diet.

Reality: In case of these diets, a significant amount of calories come from fats. Excess fats get deposited on the cells in the body and block insulin receptors. Since insulin is the key that opens the cell-door for the glucose to get in, blocking insulin receptors makes the glucose float in the blood which gets converted to triglycerides and eventually turns into fat. You experience lethargy too since the cells are not getting enough glucose to produce energy for you.

  • Following fad diets (juice only diets, fruits only diets, raw food diets, etc.,) for weight loss.

Reality: You cannot sustain these diets in the long term because they make you drastically deviate from what your family and friends are eating so when you cheat and eat like everyone else around, you start putting on weight again.

  • Exercising heavily to lose weight.

Reality: Exercise is very important for the health of body and mind. But, in many cases people exercise strenuously everyday and are still unable to lose weight. This can physically exhaust you and make you lose motivation too. ‘Lack of exercise’ is never a cause for weight gain. There are a number of people who don’t exercise everyday and are still thin.

  • Thinking that, your hypothyroidism is the cause of weight gain so taking thyroid medicine will solve the issue.

Reality: How do we explain the fact that so many women on thyroid medication are still overweight or many women whose blood reports show hypothyroidism are still thin. But we have an explanation, please read on.

There are just following 3 causes behind why you put on weight and find it difficult to lose it.

Pre-fatty liver: When you go without eating for a long time between two meals your blood sugar levels drop. In this case your liver releases its own huge stores of glucose. But since you aren’t doing any heavy physical activities to burn the glucose, it gets converted into triglycerides which further get deposited as fats on your muscles. Meanwhile, the loss of glucose stores in liver undermines the liver’s ability to process fat over the years and this fat starts to accumulate on the liver causing it to gradually become pre-fatty or fatty.

Stress: Being in a constant stress response produces hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol makes the liver release a lot of glucose so that the body can deal with stress but as explained above since we are not doing any physical activity to burn it, the glucose gets converted into fat. Also both cortisol and adrenaline corrode pancreas as these hormones are acidic in nature. Pancreas produce insulin which regulates blood sugar in the body. Since the pancreas can no more work efficiently the blood sugar keeps getting converted into triglycerides and then to fat.

Chronic Viral Infection: Viral infections load the liver with toxins created by viruses which makes liver sluggish and unable to remove the load of toxins out of the body. The liver then has to send this toxic load to the lymphatic system for detoxifying, but, since the lymphatic system cannot handle macro level toxins like the liver does it gets clogged. This massive clogging is responsible for water retention in the body which further worsens the weight gain.

Your weight gain can be due to one or more of the above causes. If you want to know what is the cause and how you can reverse it to achieve the weight loss goal for yourself, book a consultation call with us for just 99 rupees by clicking on the button below.