How we cure you

Prana’s proven methodology that has worked for all our clients is represented in the graphic below

how we cure you
  • Contacting Prana: This is by far the most important step. When you contact us we spend enough time understanding your present condition, what led up to it, gathering all symptoms while encouraging you to express yourself fully. This is important because you have probably invested time, energy, emotion and money on other ways to cure your illness and have a deep insight into your condition that your doctors may not have.
  • Blood Tests: After listening to you thoroughly, we recommend a set of blood tests that are chosen to diagnose the causes of all the symptoms you are describing, accurately. Through our vast experience we have found only 4 common root causes for all diseases. So we not only determine the root causes, we can estimate the damage done so far and also how long it will take you to recover. Only if really required do we recommend other tests. Its also possible that you already have the tests we need from your previous doctor’s visits.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: This is our specialty, if you ask what each number on your reports mean you’ll get proper answers. We believe in transparency and we are happy to tell our clients about what exactly is wrong with their numbers and what numbers to aim for. we always tell you what parameters led us to make each conclusion about your condition. The numbers on your blood reports tell a story of how you got your illness and also give us information on how to cure you. 
  • Clear Obstacles: Next comes the very important phase of preparation for the cure. You must feel it is easy otherwise you won’t do it. That’s why we take great efforts to understand all the obstacles you can foresee in implementing our plans, because you know your strengths and obstacles best. We don’t expect you to make any changes towards getting better until you feel it is easy and sustainable. If we recommend something and you find it difficult, we help you make it easy or we find alternatives that are easy for you.
  • Eliminate harmful foods: This is when you start feeling better, many times we find clients eating foods that are surely making them worse, we start replacing those foods with alternatives after we tell you why and how they are harmful. In this phase we also eliminate other environmental sources of disease, for example, if you are being exposed to heavy metals like lead, through your drinking water we correct that. Basically we find everything that is harming you or poisoning you and eliminate it.  It can also be stressful thoughts and feelings that are harming you. To correct this we give you a foolproof set of videos to educate you on how to change your habitual stress response to everyday stress triggers, these are based on Nath Yoga brain rewiring techniques of Shankarnath, and are highly effective.
  • Add healing foods: At this point our clients are ready to bring in healing foods and have eliminated all obstacles to healing, be it their own beliefs, family, social, work or environmental obstacles. healing progresses from week to week rapidly and happily.
  • Find a stable rhythm: After 4 to 6 weeks the client has found a stable rhythm and the people around the client also have formed supporting roles, here progress is measurable, our clients are feeling and looking better.
  • Add supplements if necessary: Although our knowledge of healing foods is vast, some things cannot be achieved with food alone, supplements like vitamin D or Hawaiian spirulina, make a huge difference in recovery time. In any case we are always ready to discuss the cost and benefits of supplements with you and make sure you understand exactly what they’ll do because they are a bit costly in India. In this stage after you have seen some health benefits we may or may not find the need for supplements, and if we do, we recommend exactly what is necessary
  • Monitor and review: We then monitor the results weekly and review the diet once in a month, in this stage the client gets better and better. Recovery from chronic illness is slow and we help you with creating an accurate timeline for your recovery. At this stage we might recommend some exercises to rehabilitate your condition faster.
  • CURE!: This is the happiest phase of our interaction, there is nothing more satisfying for us or our clients than a complete cure of all the symptoms they came to us with.

Remember the most important phase in our relationship is to contact Prana. To get cured book a consultation call with us for just 99 rupees by clicking on the button below,