Our Story

Trusha – Co-founder/functional nutrition guide

I was always a sickly child, I had many viral and bacterial infections that I have lost count. The situation while growing up was very stressful due to several factors beyond my control and this led to involuntary cortisol and adrenaline spikes. No doctor knew how to fix my health, all they did was dosed me with antibiotics. My stomach acid began to fall and I wasn’t able to digest food properly. The adrenal hormones inflamed my pancreas and I developed insulin resistance. I began to develop chronic fatigue because my glucose energy cycles were disrupted and my hemoglobin was as low as 7. Some doctors told me, my anemia was genetic. Chronic fatigue was my constant companion for over 20 years.

My doctors then started treating me for depression with medication. Nobody knew I had chronic fatigue, I wasn’t even depressed yet. That threw my hormones more out of balance and I really got depressed and all I could do was eat and grow fat. My thyroid began to malfunction too and I didn’t know it. Actually I’m only able to understand what happened to me now. For years my condition was a mystery to me and to the doctors trying to help me.

I then decided to take matters into my own hands, tipping the scales at 72 kgs I didn’t have much energy to exercise, still I dragged myself regularly to the gym, hoping exercise would cure me. It didn’t. I then started to learn yoga asanas and practice them, but around this time I started to change my diet, using popular books to guide myself. I managed to lose a lot of weight and drop over 10 kgs, however my chronic fatigue didn’t go.

When I moved to the mountains the water there being full of bacteria weakened my immune system further and I developed ulcers and kidney stones for which I needed surgery, I had lost weight and became anorexic, that’s when I began to learn nath yoga meditation, suryanamaskara, pranayama and energy healing. I regained my health and even began practicing martial arts, but more learning was in store!

I moved to the very rainy Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh, one of the rainiest places in India, unfortunately I didn’t know about stachybotrys chartarum a black highly toxic mold. Exposure to this mold ruined my health completely, created thyroid problems, gave me high fevers, confined me to my bed, my neighbors were cooking for me. I tried to reach out to different experts around the world, functional medicine doctors and alternative practitioners. I truly believed I was dying. Finally a doctor in Delhi gave me an appointment. And I somehow made it to her office.

She did a plethora of tests, said I had an autoimmune thyroid condition, which also she got wrong, I had Graves disease but she told me I had Hashimotos,  and began to give me intravenous treatment of some kind, I was so happy I was getting the attention I finally deserved until the bill came. Rs 100000 for 3 days of treatment plus all my expenses of traveling, this was working out costlier than my surgery! And I wouldn’t have minded if it worked. It didn’t. After buying supplements worth 45000 nothing happened. My fever kept getting worse. The cause was the mold in my house. My doctor concluded I have cancer and asked me to have a 3 tesla MRI. Trusting her I somehow with great difficulty managed to go to Pune to stay with a friend and get these tests. And as soon as I reached Pune I started to get better because I had left the mold behind.

Then I started reading voraciously, even though I couldn’t get out of bed. I spent tens of thousands of rupees on books, if they weren’t available on Kindle, I ordered them from abroad. Slowly my experiments were working, so I decided to do a course in functional nutrition. And during this course I also began to learn from experts how to read blood reports. All that was wrong with me was clearly there in the blood reports and none of my doctors could read it.

At the same time Ashwin was also learning to read blood reports. He was the person who had taught me Nath yoga and helped me stay positive and survive my ordeals. He diagnosed me with adrenal stress and hypochlorhydria as my main problems. I began to treat these conditions with the right herbs and Ashwin’s unique methods to rewire involuntary brain responses. And a year later I had fully regained my health.

Reading the blood reports right is the most important step in treatment because it lets us know what is wrong with the person. Often multiple things are wrong, so we decide a strategy to prioritize and fix the issues with minimum discomfort.

Having desperately changed my diet and lifestyle all my life I know how difficult it is to change diet and lifestyle. Also having treated hundreds of people with various serious problems I know how important it is to present changes step by step. If someone doesn’t understand why a change should be made they simply won’t do it.

In June 2018 I started Prana along with Ashwin as a co-founder. Prana means life force in Sanskrit. Prana hopes to be the life force that finally heals you, so you don’t have to suffer as I did.

Ashwin Mohan – Co-founder/Siddha Physician

Siddha medicine is probably the oldest branch of medicine in the world. I was certain when I was a child that I wanted to be a monk. I didn’t want to have anything to do with society, marriage or family ties. It was a fierce longing I had, to find a guru who could lead me out of these attachments. My guru did arrive into my life when I was 18. I was so happy thinking “when the disciple is ready the guru appears”, however the joy was short lived when he told me he only came to tell me I’m not ready to learn until I learn to respect society, marriage and family ties. That was a bummer, and I spent a long time waiting for him to return. It seemed like eternity, but his words were etched in my mind. Respect society, marriage and family ties. I did this for years without complaint, it was hard because people seemed to care about petty things rather than real substantial issues. Everyone was so upset, everyone was suffering so much, it was heartbreaking for me to be powerless about it. So I began to learn healing, I started with Reiki, then I learned acupressure, then massage, then qigong, then bone setting, then neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, transactional analysis, psychotherapy and counselling, getting formal certificates in most of them and informal mentoring from experts in the others.

I was still unable to stop the suffering of people. I managed to cure some people’s stutter, some more people’s phobias, some people’s chronic pain and insomnia and migraines, but I also was stumped when it came to some people. This stress of not being able to help them, and burning the night oil caused me hypochlorhydria and then an eating disorder where I would binge eat. I had become 89 kgs about 30 kg overweight.

I was disheartened and clueless, I went to Varanasi, I was sitting by the banks of the holy Ganga at 2 am, swatting mosquitoes when my Guru came out of the mists and spoke to me, “Have you waited long?” he asked casually after 14 years. I now knew I would get all my answers. Over the next 18 months he taught me the secrets of over 700 herbs, roots, seeds and leaves and their medicinal value for the human body, how to prepare them, how to administer them and where to find them. He also made me read all of the sacred texts left by the siddhars and nath yogis about healing. He also taught me therapeutic massage and corrective body postures (asanas), he taught me pranayama to absorb the life force energy Prana, after which our company is named. Finally he taught me what really happens in the body when we breathe, when we eat food, when we have negative thoughts, and when our hormones get disrupted, when our immune system cannot function to it fullest and many other things I hadn’t heard even from my doctor friends. I also learned 6 nath martial arts. And my body became youthful and muscular, unrecognizable from the terrible shape I used to be in before I started studying with Guruji. Finally my guru taught me how to rewire involuntary brain responses to circumstances. This one thing has helped me cure hundreds of people from serious mental conditions. My time with my guru came to an end when he said go back to the society you used to hate and love them by curing them.

I arrived back in society with a missionary zeal, and soon found out nobody cared about me! I was again disheartened, but I kept trying obsessively to heal people, after years of not being taken seriously I had one good stretch where I cured over 90 people in one month from a small room in Koregaon park, Pune. One of these people was Trusha, who became my student and started learning how to cure herself. Although I could heal her to a large extent she managed to make herself ill again with bacterial and mold infections, the ordeals she faced to come out of it only she knows.

Meanwhile something terrible was in store for me, I became addicted to chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. I thought nothing would happen to my health because I was a yogi. The addiction made me spiral downwards and before I knew it all I wanted to do was wake up and get drunk. It was only when my health began to fail badly and I was hospitalized for the second time with infections, that I acknowledged my drinking and tobacco problem.

I quit completely. From a muscular 64 kgs I had reduced to a skeleton of 54 kgs. I had also developed autoimmune diabetes and it was a daily pain to prick my finger and see the distressing number on my blood glucose reading. My testosterone was very low and I had heart palpitations from the slightest exertion, even sitting in the sun gave me heart tremors. Doctors could not find out what was wrong with me. One day Trusha told me she was learning how to read blood reports and that she was able to diagnose many people. I immediately began learning this art and discovered that lab ranges are all too wide. I was also able to diagnose myself and Trusha both with hypochlorhydria and adrenal dysfunction from ordinary blood reports.  Once we discovered the problems treating it was no problem because I still had the notes from my Guru. We used herbs to repair our stomach acid and control our blood sugars. My diabetic condition was due to excessive breakdown of liver glucose by cortisol, not due to the ICA antibodies the doctors had found. The herbs and the involuntary brain response rewiring that I finally applied to myself, cured me and my muscles came back like magic, my body pains and heart palpitations were now a thing of the past. It was like a rebirth.

In June 2018, Trusha and I decided to combine our knowledge and start Prana Nutrition Cures. It is an honest attempt to deliver true value in the field of chronic, autoimmune and idiopathic illness that leave doctors with very few options. We can bridge the knowledge gap that is keeping so many people sick. Prana is our humble attempt to be of use to our fellow humans.

We invite you to join hands with us to start your own journey towards health, wealth and a joyful life. Book your consultation call with us for just 99 rupees by clicking on the button below,