Brain nutrition for your child

“No health dysfunction happens overnight. It takes months and sometimes years for any health issue to manifest completely.”

The early onset of puberty in your daughter, low immunity in your child, increasing child obesity or emotional issues like bad temper, brain fog and an inability to focus takes years to build inside the bodies and minds of children.

“Combine these health challenges with an ever-growing pressure to do well in academic and extra-curricular activities, children feel overwhelmed in their teenage years itself, many of them resort to various addictions in search for some relief.”

What exactly is going wrong with your child’s health?

It is almost reflexive for parents to buy a packet of packaged food for their child when he/she expresses the feeling of hunger. It seems absolutely safe to buy this food which has been marketed as ‘made with the best of the ingredients sourced from exotic parts of the world and produced with highest standards of hygiene so that both your palate and health are taken care of’. The truth actually is completely opposite and a bit shocking!

The ‘seemingly harmless’ ingredients in packaged foods like citric acid, dextrose, natural flavors, added flavors, nature identical flavoring substances and edible starch are produced from MSG, high fructose corn syrup and various kinds of molds grown in the labs (that’s true!). These substances feed various kinds of viruses in which secrete neurotoxins as the byproduct of this feeding process. These neurotoxins keep inflaming nerves in the body like vagus, phrenic and other nerves which are connected to spinal cord and hence to central nervous system, thus, causing the development of neurological health problems. While on the one end these processed foods are impairing the digestion, on the other hand, they are also causing slow development of symptoms like fatigue, brain fog and an inability to focus.

Imagine the scale on which these substances must be harming the sensitive and delicate digestive systems and nervous systems of children.

Messages through advertisements and from environment program parents into thinking that these dietary habits are natural while feeding their children real and healthy food is difficult, time-consuming, expensive and will not be liked by the children anyways.

Will you still keep buying this idea which is exactly opposite to your conscious desire to see your children grow up with healthy tummies, sharp brains and good energy levels?

Through our experience of working with parents we have observed that even though they worry about feeding the toxic junk foods to their kids they struggle to find alternative foods that their child can enjoy eating.

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