Accurate Diagnosis

Have you been told that your lab tests are normal but you still experience one or more of the following symptoms?

  • Tiredness
  • Digestion problems like bloating, acid reflux, constipation, gas
  • Allergies
  • Low immunity, catching cold and flu frequently
  • Unexplained body aches and stiffness
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight gain
  • Forgetfulness
  • Mood swings
  • Heavy hair fall
  • Acne and chronic skin problems

Have you been confused and frustrated because no medical practitioner believes that your symptoms are true since your lab tests are all perfectly normal? Have you followed all possible lifestyle change advice and still failed to experience any relief from your symptoms? Do you feel angry and helpless that no one has been able to explain to you why you feel less than normal?

You will be relieved to know that you are not imagining any of your symptoms, they all are true and your lab tests can clearly reveal the causes behind your symptoms.

Why no one has been able to figure this out from your lab tests yet.

It is because everyone looks for ‘normal’ lab ranges which indicate ‘absence of disease’ and not ‘presence of health’. Your lab test parameters need to fall in a much narrower range for you to be in optimal health.

What is wrong with ‘normal’ lab test ranges?

‘Normal’ lab test ranges are determined by taking an average of the lab test ranges of the entire population that goes to the lab for tests. It is a range in which 95% of the population falls. The average population is getting sicker by every passing decade as the viruses and bacteria are evolving and mutating into new varieties, environmental toxins are multiplying and stress levels are increasing. Therefore, ‘normal’ lab ranges are not an indication of good health anymore. Your lab parameters should fall in much narrower ranges called ‘functional lab ranges’ for you to be in optimal health.

No one falls sick overnight. Any chronic illness starts developing at least 5 years in advance before it becomes a full blown disease. All the symptoms mentioned above are a sign of a developing or an existing chronic illness. You cannot cure a chronic illness unless you know what is causing it. Functional lab ranges help to identify these exact root causes.

We learnt and became experts in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis after conventional medicine failed us in our battle against our own chronic illness a few years ago. Since then, we have been helping hundreds of people to diagnose the true causes behind their mystery symptoms or illness so that they can rightfully take back their health.

The case study below will help you understand this better.

Meeta, 45 years old, mother of two teenage children. She was advised to remove her uterus to solve the problem of heavy bleeding during periods due to fibroids. She had come to us with a list of 17 health issues viz., fibroids, chronic iron deficiency anemia, obesity, fungal skin infection, frequent bacterial infection in the gums, stress (hypothalamic dysfunction), rheumatoid arthritis, urinary incontinence, bad breath, forgetfulness, lack of focus, heavy hair fall, excess facial hair, constipation, bloating, afternoon energy crashes, frequent ear infections.

Following are some of her lab parameters which were ‘normal’ according to lab ranges but according to functional ranges they were showing some critical dysfunction which was the cause behind her list of health problems.

Lab Parameter
Normal Lab
Functional Range
Eosinophils5 %
1-6 %
Total Protein
6.6 g/dL
6.4-8.3 g/dL
6.9-7.4 g/dL
Albumin3.7 g/dL
3.5-5.2 g/dL
4-5 g/dL
Globulin3.2 g/dL
1.8-3.6 g/dL
2.4-2.8 g/dL
0-50 U/L
10-30 U/L

Here is how Meeta’s symptoms relate to her blood test parameters:

Total protein, albumin, globulin and SGPT are liver parameters. In Meeta’s case they are indicating 2 major dysfunctions., viz. Hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) and Liver dysfunction where her liver is congested and is not able to perform its detoxing functions.

The most important cause of Hypochlorhydria is stress as it inhibits the parasympathetic control of digestive secretions whereas the causes for congested liver are viruses, heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxins and a high fat diet.

Stomach acid is important to kill the pathogens that enter the digestive tract through food and water. Meeta’s Eosinophils are high which indicate presence of intestinal parasites which is caused due to stomach acid being low. The presence of parasites in the stomach is also the reason for her chronic bloating and digestive discomfort. Stomach acid is also important for absorbing nutrients like iron and zinc and as you can notice Meeta is chronically deficient in iron which has led to heavy perpetual tiredness and constant body aches for her.

Her liver congestion shows the presence of viruses in her body. Viruses are also the cause for her fibroid as the immune system has formed cysts to trap the viruses and their toxic byproducts inside these cysts. Viral infection is the cause for her rheumatoid arthritis too. Because contrary to the conventional belief that RA is an autoimmune condition where body starts attacking itself, the truth is that the immune system is going after the viruses that have infected the joints and not attacking the body for no reason. A congested liver is also the cause for her frequent skin infections.

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