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We help people to reverse their chronic and/or mystery illnesses with natural methods which involve good nutrition and techniques to get rid of stress and/or trauma.

How do we do this?

The 2 most important things you need to reverse your chronic disease are:

  1. Good Nutrition.
  2. Removal of stress/trauma

Sometimes it is the stress that makes your body vulnerable to diseases, on other times it is the bad nutrition that creates stress for you. Nevertheless, these two things make each other worse and cause suffering and pain.

Therefore we support our patients on two levels:

  1. We help them to gradually and sustainably introduce natural healing foods in their diet.
  2. We coach them to adopt a new positive response to everyday stress triggers in their lives.

Read here about the 4 root causes that make everyone sick.

Why our ‘coaching to remove stress/trauma’ is a crucial part of our program?

Whenever you decide to make any major life changing decisions such as reversing a serious health problem you are faced with numerous obstacles from the environment and your own mind and body, such as:

  • feeling overwhelmed by thinking whether you will be able to fit this new lifestyle into your existing busy routine.
  • feeling demotivated by thinking how you will make these changes which need more efforts if there is no support from your family or friends.
  • feeling doubtful if you can ever reverse your illness as on multiple times you have been told that since your illness is psychosomatic you yourself are responsible for creating it.
  • feeling skeptical as all the previous changes you made in order to get healthy have failed such as more exercising and not eating any junk food at all.
  • Not being able to give up on foods that are harming your health cos in reality some of these foods are truly addictive in nature.

And many more such obstacles. Such negative patterns are involuntary and cannot be overcome with any amount of pep talk.

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