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We know it sounds too good to be true, but, Meeta, Vineet and Vaishali collaborated with us to create incredible stories of health, wealth and peace for themselves and their loved ones. Here is how..

Meeta, 42 years old, a mother to 2 teenagers who always put her family before herself and her health. She took one last chance by joining our program before getting her uterus removed (hysterectomy).

Meeta decided to join our program because no one before us could diagnose the mysterious causes of her rapidly deteriorating health.

Meeta told us that she had numerous aches and pains in her body, weight gain, perpetual tiredness, chronic constipation and bloating, extremely heavy bleeding during periods with excruciating pain and frequent fungal skin infections. She had tried 5 kinds of therapies before, including conventional medical treatment. Either she faced side-effects of the therapies or she found them difficult to follow for the rest of her life.

When we did a complete analysis of a comprehensive panel of her blood tests we could correlate her symptoms with our findings, she had iron deficiency anemia due to low stomach acid (she had been misinformed that her anemia was genetic), chronic viral and bacterial infections, high blood sugar, hypothyroidism, congested liver and hypothalamic dysfunction that put her into a habit of reacting stressfully to everyday life situations.

We gradually got her off the foods that were damaging her body (these are the foods everyone usually finds delicious and addictive) and replaced them with more nutritious and healing alternatives found right in her kitchen. We gave her some simple but deeply relaxing techniques to heal her hypothalamic dysfunction. There was a major challenge in Meeta’s case that kept creating obstacles in her healing though. Meeta would frequently break down emotionally whenever she thought about how she put everyone before herself and even neglected her health which was the reason for her countless physical and emotional pains. In such times, our coaching techniques helped her to recover faster from her traumatic memories. We helped her to change her stressful body response towards such memories in such a way that she no longer experienced shame, sadness, guilt and anger. Within 3 months she became confident to handle her diet and and her emotions too. She has not only become slimmer and more energetic but her heavy bleeding and period pain has completely stopped. Before starting the program she had an apprehension that a healthy diet means that she can no longer have her favorite foods and no socializing anymore. On the contrary, after starting the program she found out that with a bit of recipe tweaking she could keep enjoying her favorite foods and the stress of not being able to socialize was gone completely. When Meeta’s teenage daughter saw her sparkling complexion she joined our program too!

Vineet, 35 years old, an organic farmer whose marriage was on the rocks because of his erectile dysfunction.

Vineet joined our program as we were recommended to him by a close friend of his. According to him, he had gone to 20 other therapists before joining our program. He then decided, in desperation, to try our program too as his deteriorating health had started to take toll on his marital life.

Vineet’s major health issues were chronic constipation that always made his stomach feel tender and painful, no proper sleep and a mild erectile dysfunction. Though he felt a bit better digestion with previous therapies no one had been able to solve the issue of sleep and erectile dysfunction.

When we did a comprehensive analysis of his blood tests we found out clear causes for his falling health. He had chronic viral infection, high blood sugar, fatty liver (which was a major cause of his erectile dysfunction which no other therapists found concerning), low stomach acid and hypothalamic dysfunction as in the case of Meeta discussed above. Vineet’s digestion started getting better really fast, his abdominal pain almost disappeared. Soon we faced 2 major challenges in Vineet’s case which were sabotaging his healing.

The first challenge is something that we face in the case of most of our patients, the resistance to accepting the fact that a few of the ‘traditional’ dietary habits are quite damaging. Here, we had the responsibility of educating Vineet with appropriate scientific evidence regarding all his questions. His scientific mind agreed but his emotional mind didn’t. We never force our clients to do anything against their consent so we advised Vineet that he can try going back to his old dietary habits. Within 3 days his stomach pain was back. Vineet, witnessed the magic of both good and bad diet. Not only that but he also learnt to cook by himself as he realized that his health and diet were completely his own responsibility. The second challenge was to help Vineet with his marital life stress which was stalling his healing. Through our coaching techniques Vineet was able to change his stressful responses and emotions towards his wife. He was no more feeling helpless, guilty and angry. His relationship with his wife improved so much that she decided to return to his home and his life (She had left the house a few months ago). Now, whenever he gets an opportunity he keeps sharing our website with his friends who complain about their health issues.

Vaishali, 34 years old, an Ayurvedic doctor who had been married for a year and found her plan of having a baby falling apart due to her rapid weight gain.

Vaishali had put on 8 kg within 4 months after her wedding. She had generally avoided processed and junk food consciously, she even used to go to the gym 3 times a week. After the weight gain, Vaishali had missed her periods for the next 3 months in a row. By now she had realized that she had developed PCOS, the ultrasound confirmed it.

Vaishali’s husband’s family was expecting a child from them soon. On one side there was the pressure of expectations on the other side the biological clock was ticking. Vaishali started taking Metformin, the most common medicine used to treat PCOS. She started getting periods, but, Metformin’s side effects took a serious toll on her health. She started having energy crashes throughout the day, she got into the habit of having 5-6 cups of coffee everyday to deal with the energy crashes. The increase in gas and bloating started causing her headaches, she started getting frequent body aches. The weight, though, was increasing at a much slower rate than before. Vaishali felt exhausted and confused as she thought she had done everything right but her health only got mysteriously worse.

When we did a complete analysis of her blood tests we found that she had serious chronic viral infection that was the cause of her PCOS in the first place, hypoglycemia, pernicious anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency, low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) that caused all the digestive issues and hypothalamic dysfunction as in the case of Meeta and Vineet above.

Vaishali followed our program strictly as she now clearly understood the mysterious causes behind her symptoms. Her resolve to make the necessary lifestyle changes became even stronger as she experienced her digestion dramatically improving in the first week itself. Her periods became regular within 3 months of joining our program, she had already stopped having Metformin on her own as she could no longer bear the side effects of it. A USG 6 months after being on the program showed a complete disappearance of all the cysts in her ovaries. Her coffee consumption came down to zero cups a day. After seeing the positive changes in Vaishali’s health, her husband too joined our program for weight loss. The couple has a 2 month year old healthy daughter now.

Why does our approach work?

The 2 most important factors for reversing a chronic disease are:

  1. Good Nutrition.
  2. Removal of stress/trauma

Sometimes it is the stress that makes your body vulnerable to diseases, on other times, it is the bad nutrition that creates stress for you. Nevertheless, these two things make each other worse and cause suffering and pain.

Therefore, we support our patients on both the levels:

  1. We help them to gradually and sustainably introduce natural healing foods in their diet.
  2. We coach them to adopt a new positive response to everyday stress triggers in their lives.

Read here about the 4 root causes that make you sick.

Why our ‘coaching to remove stress’ is a crucial part of our program?

Whenever you decide to make any major life changing decisions such as reversing a serious health problem you are faced with numerous obstacles from the environment and your own mind and body, such as:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by thinking whether you will be able to fit this new lifestyle into your existing busy routine.
  • Feeling demotivated by thinking how you will make these changes which need more efforts if there is no support from your family or friends.
  • Feeling doubtful if you can ever reverse your illness as on multiple times you have been told that since your illness is psychosomatic you yourself are responsible for creating it.
  • Feeling skeptical as all the previous changes you made in order to get healthy have failed such as more exercising and not eating any junk food at all.
  • Not being able to give up on foods that are harming your health cos in reality some of these foods are truly addictive in nature.

And more such obstacles. Such negative patterns are involuntary and cannot be overcome with any amount of pep talk or positive thinking, we know this because most of our clients fail at this before coming to us. Also, we designed our program through our learning after suffering through bad health ourselves for a number of years. Read our story here.

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